Welcome to Protectix

We provide network security management and computer security consulting. We specialize in the setup and management of firewalls and VPNs.


Protectix can keep your office network working well:
Having your company gateway set up, tested and managed by a specialist will save you time and money. Protectix can help you reduce your exposure to computer attacks, manage your connection to the Internet, and make sure your VPN networks are working, reliable, and secure.
Deploying Open Source Software, Securely:
Protectix specializes in supporting open source operating systems and applications. Our engineers are experienced with GNU/Linux and BSD OSes. We can help you develop or deploy services on these platforms.--Protectix specializes in supporting open source operating systems such as OpenBSD, FreeBSD, NetBSD and Linux. We can help you deploy one of the free Unix-like operating systems, support it or completely maintain it for you.